Need a Custom Gauge?

We can solve your measuring problem.
Need a Custom Gauge?

We can solve your measuring problem. Dixon & Ryan has designed and built many different custom gages for demanding applications. Over the years, we have manufactured a wide variety of special tools and gages for customers across a wide variety of industries.We can build a gage to your specifications or suggest alternate methods to solve your special measuring problems. More often than not, we can suggest money saving solutions by working with your Quality Control people. We don’t require detailed prints – sketches are welcome. Our projects have ranged from 0.010” radius anvils on micrometers and 18” jaws on calipers to electronic length measurement for vinyl windows. From 0.1” to 0.0001”, Dixon & Ryan can design and build your custom gage.

Custom Gauge Sample

Body Flushness Gages
The 24ZM Series Body Flushness Gage allows the user to easily check the flushness of two planes. The gage features a four quadrant swivel base to allow the indicator to turn 360 degrees for right or left hand operator use. The plastic base pad will protect the surface being measured. The dial gage has a total range of 10mm (limited to one revolution only, +/-5mm) with balanced dial readings. Electronic models read in inch or metric. Gage comes with an ISO/IEC 17025 A2LA accredited calibration report, traceable to N.I.S.T.

24ZM Series Body Flushness Gage by Dixon & Ryan


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